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Keynote Addresses

The extensive career of our president, Dr. Pruitt, along with her survival of 9/11 in New York City and passion to work with various initiatives; have been sources of interests to many audiences. We would be both delighted and honored to work with your organization in providing you with our skills as public speakers. Dr. Pruitt is available as a Keynote Speaker.

Mistress of Ceremonies

Lights, Camera, Action! Sometimes you can have everything planned down to a tee - a luncheon, dinner, or perhaps a black-tie event, but what you may not have is the right person to present it all to your audience. As your Mistress of Ceremonies, our president will capture and keep your guests' attention throughout the duration of your event.

Radio/TV/Cable Program Conceptualization

Sometimes it may be difficult to take the leap from print to the various media. We can help you strategize and present your ideas more clearly. We will outline how to get from A to B and how you may reach your goals.

Project Development

You have to start somewhere! You have a great idea - several in fact. You may not know the best way to go from here to there - how to get from start to finish. We can take you there, one step at a time. After assessing your project's particular needs, we will guide you through every aspect of your project. We will leave no stone unturned in creating a plan best suited for your purposes.

Event Preliminary Planning

Someone needs to handle the logistics of an event. Before you get to that point you may want to strategize on what type of event is needed and when. A successful event is one that is well planned in advance. We will help you with everything from color schemes to giveaways, to knowing when to hire the entertainment, to when to send out your invitations. Always remember, the more detailed the plan, the more smoothly and effortlessly the event flows.

Themed Presentations and Workshops

Using a theme during a presentation can be important for several reasons. Your employees or guests will be more apt to remember your event when it is associated with a particular theme. When we work together, we will suggest an event theme, and then outline everything necessary for a total thematic package. Your guests will remember your event, long after the day is over.  And with workshops, from diversity, equity, and inclusion issues to how to work a room in a networking environment. We can provide you with an array of workshops to help in the professional development and sensitivity training of your team. Our workshops have been proven to be impactful!

Focus Group Facilitation

When you need to discuss organizational dynamics that involve and influence others and you do not choose to use analytics, you may want an alternative approach by hosting in-person focus groups. Let us assist you in the organizing and facilitation of gathering the information you need in moving toward a solution through this process.


Making it happen for you is what's in it for us. Sometimes it is difficult for some of us to see the path to a destination or goal. We will work with you to put your thoughts into perspective and to look not only at the journey, but the fun you can have along the way; and, we will get you there, one step at a time!